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Take Notice Wisconsin

The following public notices were published in the state newspaper the week of OCTOber 14, 2014

DNR Air Pollution Permit Application Reviews: Public Service, Rothschild; Badger Mining, Oct. 16; S.C. Johnson & Son, Oct. 16; Ameresco, Janesville; Anr Pipeline.

GENERAL NOTICES: Supreme Court, Oct. 16, Kwik Trip, Oct. 17; WHEDA, Agenda; WHEDA, Oct. 14; WHEDA Oct. 14; SWIB Workshop; Flood Hazard, Oct. 16; Intoxicating Liquor, Oct. 18; Board of Regents, Oct. 17; Special Regent Committee, Oct. 17; Screen Committee, Oct. 17; WHEDA, Oct. 20; AmeriCorps, Oct. 19; Case End, Oct. 18.

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