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Take Notice Wisconsin

The following public notices were published in the state newspaper the week of JANUARY 20, 2014

General: Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, Loan Committee, Jan. 20; Estate, claims, Eve B. Street, Jan. 20; Supreme Court, paper case files, electronic files, Jan. 22; Public Hearing, Lake Superior Chippewa, Air Quality Status, Jan. 26; Request for Proposal, WHEDA, Jan. 23.

Emergency Rules: ash borer beetle, Jan. 21; Medical Examining Board, Jan. 26; Real Estate Examining Board, approved forms, Jan. 22;

Air Pollution Permit Application Reviews: CARBO Ceramics Inc, Jan. 23; Bemis Wisconsin LLC, Jan. 24; Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, Jan. 24; Brakebrush Brothers, Jan. 24; Hydrite Chemical Co., Jan. 26.

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